Online Card Class-Watercolor: Intermediate Techniques

This past week I have been participating in Watercolor for Cardmakers: Intermediate Techniques class from This has been my favorite class I’ve participated in so far. The main instructor Dawn Woleslagle has been a wonderful teacher!! Great guest instructors too! We have had 6 days worth of information. There is so much to take in but I’m grateful to have the lifetime access to the information. I will be referring back to it for years to come.

I LOVE watercolor!!! It just speaks to me. This video from Coco Bee Art sums it up better than I can. “Control only what you can, Love Contrast, Keep Trying, Wrongs are Oppotunities for new Rights, Keep Learning”

I had a little time this week to practice the techniques. I’m learning a lot {technically} and a lot of ^^that^^. Watercolor challenges me because I like to have things “just so”. A bit of a perfectionist. with watercolor I have to learn to let go and let things just turn out. I also have to drop my expectations of what the end product will look like. This is starting to sound a lot like my yoga talk. Hmmm….

Here’s a little insight to what I’m practicing {again with the yoga talk} .


  Some of these aren’t even “right” in terms of the techniques taught, but I was proud that I actually made something. Practice continues…

One of my sweet friends is going to receive this jewel soon! \/


Bookmark made from a technique I learned.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope I have something here that will inspire you!

Online Card Class-Watercolor: Intermediate Techniques